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Cort Guitars

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cort-category-logo.jpgCort is one the worlds largest guitar designers and manufacturers. Not only do they build a great range of their own acoustic, electric and bass guitars, they also build guitars for many of the largest and well known international brands as well. Cort guitars are some of the most innovative, dependable and sought after in the world. Their range of instruments is highly diverse and covers a expansive range of musical styles. All our Cort guitars ship directly to you and Freight FREE.



  • Cort AD880CE - Has a Spruce top to deliver a bright and crisp tone
    Cort AD880CE Dreadnought Acoustic Electric
    $499.00 $373.00
    The AD880CE Standard Series is Cort's oldest series of acoustic guitars. The Standard Series Cort guitars are highly affordable and offer the player a solid performing and easy to play instrument. The ever...

  • Cort MR710F - Has a Spruce top to deliver a bright and crisp tone
    Cort MR710F Dreadnought Acoustic Electric
    $769.00 $499.00
    The Cort MR710F acoustic electric represents Cort’s mission to provide the highest quality traditional instruments with superb workmanship and modern features at an unbeatable value. The MR710F features a solid Sitka...



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