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Vocal FX

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Revolution Music Store has a great range of effects available. We are stockists for BOSS, ZOOM, VOX and more


  • BOSS DD-3 - One Of The All Time Classic Delay Effects
    BOSS DD-3 Digital Delay
    $239.00 $199.00
    The BOSS DD-3 Digital Delay delivers rackmount equivalent delay to a compact pedal. Delay is one of the all time classic effects and the BOSS DD-3 is a must have classic. BOSS DD-3 - Features Compact delay pedal with...

  • BOSS DD-7 - The Next Evolution Of The Classic Boss Delay Pedal
    BOSS DD-7 Digital Delay
    $299.00 $253.00
    The BOSS DD-7 Digital Delay continues the fine tradition of BOSS DD delay pedals and takes it up another notch with even more delay time, modulation mode and more. BOSS DD-7 - Features Longer delay time, up to 6.4...

  • BOSS PS-6 Harmonist - Four Intelligent Harmony Effects In One Stompbox
    BOSS PS-6 Harmonist
    $269.00 $227.00
    The BOSS PS-6 offers four intelligent pitch-shift effects and three-voice harmony in one convenient unit. Among the effect modes are Harmony, Pitch Shifter, and Detune, plus the all-new Super Bend for authentic...

  • BOSS RC-1 - Simple And Easy To Use Looper
    BOSS RC-1 Loop Station
    $199.00 $169.00
    The BOSS RC-1 Loop Station is the simplest and most user friendly looper from BOSS. With a maximum 12 minutes of stereo recording time, the RC-1 is capable of capturing any extended performance that you can create or...

  • BOSS RC-3 - Will Expand Your Level Of Creativity
    BOSS RC-3 Loop Station
    $335.00 $279.00
    The BOSS RC-3 is a powerfully equipped yet conveniently housed looper in a compact pedal. Enjoy up to three hours of stereo recording time, storage for 99 loops, a “real drums” rhythm guide, and USB 2.0...

  • BOSS RC-30 - Features Twin Stereo Tracks
    BOSS RC-30 Loop Station
    $499.00 $409.00
    The BOSS RC-30 is a Twin Pedal multitrack looper with two synchronized stereo tracks and built-in loop effects. Plug in your instrument of choice, or even a microphone; an XLR input with variable gain is provided, complete...

  • BOSS RV-6 Digital Reverb - Delivers Lush Reverb Effects To Your Sound Quickly And Easily
    BOSS RV-6 Reverb
    $275.00 $233.00
    The BOSS RV-6 Reverb will deliver high quality reverb effects to your sound quickly and easily. The RV-6 offers a huge array of detailed reverb parameters, all perfectly tuned for guitar by the BOSS designers with...

  • BOSS TE-2 Tera Echo
    BOSS TE-2 Tera Echo
    $269.00 $228.00
    The BOSS TE-2 Tera Echo delivers a stereo ambience that goes way beyond traditional delay and reverb pedals. BOSS TE-2 - Features Powered by Roland Multi-Dimensional Processing (MDP) Rich, spacious echo and...



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