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NUX Effects

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Revolution Music Store BrisbaneAustralia is an Authorised Dealer for NUX Effects Pedals. We can help you with the right advice and the right price on your NUX Effects Pedal purchase everytime.


  • NU-X Power Adaptor - Will Stop You Wasting Money on Batteries
    NU-X 9V/500MA Switching Power Adaptor
    The NU-X ACD-006A Power Adaptor will save you a heap of money by no longer having to keep purchasing batteries. The NU-X Power Adapter features a switching regulator in order to accurately control the conversion of...

  • NU-X Boost Core - One Of The Handiest Pedals You Could Ever Buy
    NU-X Boost Core Deluxe
    $89.99 $80.00
    The NU-X Boost Core Deluxe is perhaps one of the handiest pedals you can buy. You can use it to drive your amp to greater boost levels with the Boost Core Deluxe's gain knob, then tweak your treble and bass...

  • NU-X Mod Core - 8 Modulation Effects With Normal and Deluxe Modes
    NU-X Mod Core Deluxe
    $89.99 $80.00
    The NU-X Mod Core Deluxe is an amazing high-spec modulation pedal at an absolute bargain price. The Mod Core Deluxe has 8 modulation effects with 2 types of algorithms to deliver an astonishing array of...

  • NU-X Drive Core - Classic Analog Overdrive and Boost Tones
    NU-X Drive Core Deluxe
    $89.95 $80.00
    The NU-X Drive Core Deluxe is a classic analog overdrive pedal which you can use to boost or overdrive your tone. Innovative features like Bass Boost extend the versatility of this pedal way beyond the...

  • NU-X Komp Core DLX - Quality CompressionThat Doesn't Colour Your Tone
    NU-X Komp Core Deluxe
    $99.99 $89.00
    The NU-X Komp Core Deluxe is a multi-function analog compressor pedal that delivers a wide variety of compressor tones. Three different clip modes and precise control knobs provide a wide range of adjustment to suit...

  • NU-X Metal Core - 2 Different High-Gain Tones
    NU-X Metal Core Deluxe
    $99.95 $89.00
    The NU-X Metal Core Deluxe has 2 seperate high-gain tone circuit positions to deliver 2 different drive tones. Voice 1 gives you a responsive, percussive low-mid with smooth high frequencies...

  • NU-X Tape Core - Faithfully Delivers the Classic Tape Echo Effect and Tone
    NU-X Tape Core Deluxe
    $125.00 $106.00
    The NU-X Tape Core Deluxe faithfully delivers the classic Tape Echo effect and tone, just like the original. The NUX Tape Core features 3 reproduction heads yielding 7 different combinations of delay sounds. All...

  • NU-X Time Core - Offers 7 Different Delay Types
    NU-X Time Core Deluxe
    $125.00 $106.00
    The NU-X Time Core Deluxe has a total of 7 different delay types offering a wide variety of delay effects. With adjustable delay from 40ms all the way to 2000ms, the Time Core Deluxe delivers an...

  • NU-X Octave Loop - Create a Looping Bass line With Your Guitar
    NU-X Octave Loop
    $135.00 $115.00
    The NU-X Octave Loop is a very unique and useful pedal. The Octave Loop does exactly what it says, it will generate a tone 1 octave below the plugged in instrument and allow to create a loop of anything up to five...



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